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Embrace the Light
Illuminating Your Path to Wellbeing

Seaside Retreat outside of Barcelona
May 10-12, 2024

Join us on a transformative journey of self-exploration and inner illumination as we embrace the increasing light of spring.

This retreat invites participants to reconnect with their inner radiance and illuminate their path to wellness through mindful practices and reflection.


  • Yoga for Inner Radiance:
    Cultivate inner strength and radiance with uplifting yoga sessions designed to awaken your body and spirit. Flow through energizing sequences that celebrate the light within, leaving you feeling empowered and revitalized.

  • Meditation for Self-Reflection:
    Delve into the depths of your being with guided meditation sessions focused on self-reflection and inner exploration. Quiet the chatter of the mind and journey inward to uncover insights, wisdom, and clarity on your path to wellness.

  • Yoga Nidra for Deep Illumination:
    Experience the profound illumination of your inner world with yoga nidra sessions. Allow the gentle guidance of the practice to lead you into a state of deep relaxation and inner illumination, revealing the light that resides within you.

  • Sound Bath for Vibrational Healing:
    Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound baths, where harmonic frequencies from Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and other instruments will resonate with the essence of your being, promoting balance, harmony, and well-being.

  • Guided Nature Hikes:
    Connect with the light and beauty of nature as you embark on guided hikes through sunlit trails surrounded by the vibrant colors of spring. Let the natural world inspire and uplift you as you bask in the illuminating energy of the season.

Image by Manuel Torres Garcia

The Venue

Casa Garraf is a cozy space to welcome you for the weekend. One of the original homes of Garraf Pueblo, it sits at the foot of the Garraf Mountain and Nature Preserve, with sea views and an oversized lush Mediterranean Gardin.

The sea view yoga sala has all the props you need, so all you need to do is show up!

Enjoy lounging in the garden, or relaxing in the Siberian Cedarwood sauna gazing out to the sea.

Partake in a cold plunge in the saltwater pool and relax by the fire pit.

Casa Garraf is made for a moment of relaxation and restoration just 3 min walk from the Train Station or free parking on site.

Your Guides

Meet your guides for the weekend.

Seasoned teachers united in a shared passion

for transformative well-being.

Alesha Carmela

Yoga & Wellbeing

Alesha has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga for over two decades and has shared the practices as a teacher for over fifteen years. 


Alesha helps mothers and busy professionals rediscover their light. Alesha is a lover of dance and movement and loves to see the Mind-Body transform the lives of her clients. 


Before dedicating herself to the path of a teacher, Alesha pursued a career in corporate multinationals as an Engineer and MBA. She is passionate about bridging the corporate and spiritual for personal development.


Suzanne Faith, PHD

Suzanne has spent over three decades deeply immersed in the teachings and methodologies of yoga, psychology, meditation, and spiritual contemplation.

She is a passionate educator, 

a teacher's-teacher

and learner.


Agata Mozdzen

Sound Healing

Agata has an array of healing instruments from singing bowls to gongs. She creates an incredibly powerful sound bath that activated and opens the energy channels.


My Retreat with Alesha was magical. I am so glad that I took the chance to do it. It created space and gratitude in my life. Renew, Reflect, Refresh. I channeled “Root to Rise” everyday. Alesha crafted a unique and special experience by creating space and honoring feminine energy. Thank you so much for everything! 



Garden views and cozy beds create a tranquil abode for your weekend stay... Add the Night Pass to stay overnight in Casa Garraf (limited availability)

The Downstairs Rooms:

The Catalan: King Bed with shared bathroom

The Lounge: Double Murphy bed with shared bathroom

The Upstairs Rooms:

Sea View Master Suite: Delux King Bed with private bathroom*

The Sofia: Double Loft bed with shared bathroom

The Savva: Single Loft bed with shared bathroom


A Weekend Getaway Close to Home

Image by Mason Dahl

Bring a Freind Special!  

When you book with a friend, you each get 50€ savings on a Weekend Pass

OR 25€ savings on the Sat Only Pass

Days Pass

Full 2.5 Day Weekend Pass

All activities and meals,
excluding accommodation

Secure your spot with a

100€ non-refundable deposit

What's Included

2.5 Days of Balance & Bliss


4 Delicious Healthy Meals


Daily Yoga Sessions


Energy Activation 

Yoga Nidra

Sound Healing


Guided Hike


Salt Water Pool

Sea View Sauna


Nights Pass

Add accommodation to experience the full effect of a retreat away from your day-to-day responsibilities
(limited availability)

+250€ 2 nights shared

+400€ 2 nights private

*Room selection on a first-to-book basis*

Friday Night Pass

Only available for Friday? 
Join us for an evening retreat to expand and restore while honoring your life commitments

100€ including both practices, dinner and sauna session

Saturday Pass

Only available for the day? 
Join us for a day retreat to expand and restore while honoring your life commitments

100€ including morning practice, brunch, and afternoon hike / relaxation time
250€ including morning practice, brunch, and afternoon activities + evening practice, dinner & sauna


If you are concerned for any reason about your ability to travel in the future, please obtain travel insurance.


The Weekend

2.5 Days 

including 2 Brunches & 2 Dinners

Friday, May 10:

12pm Early Arrivals- come early to enjoy the casa & begin your relaxation

6pm Opening New Moon Session followed by Restorative Yoga with Alesha+ accompanied Sound Bath with Agatha

8pm Dinner

9:30pm Yoga Nidra with Alesha

10pm Optional Sauna Session 

Saturday, May 11:

8am Sunrise Meditation with Alesha

9am Yoga Asana with Alesha

11pm Brunch followed by Free Time

2pm Optional Sea View Hike or extended free time

6pm Session with Suzanne Faith

8pm Dinner

10pm Optional Sauna Session

Sunday, May 12:

8am Sunrise Meditation with Alesha

9am Yoga Asana with Alesha

11pm Brunch

2pm Sauna Session or free time

4pm Closing Session

* option for body treatment in free time upon request

Embrace the light within.
Illuminate your path to wellness.
Shine brightly, dear soul.

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