my journey onto the mat and into sharing the practice

I'm Alesha. Mother and guide to two gorgeous souls, wife, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, I'm Italian by blood (and passport) and spent nearly a decade in Switzerland before making my way to Spain. I've found inspiration in a multi-faceted life of exploring yoga, wellness, plant essences, and nature.

I love harnessing the power of connection. From connecting deeply to our inner landscape through yoga practices, to connecting with people whose journeys intersect, to the connecting digitally through my co-creation of GatherYoga. 

I've recently immersed myself deeper into my yoga practice, uncovering a rich tapestry that continues to unfold. My aim is to cultivate space for students to explore and polish the facets on their unique gems to let their inner brilliance shine through. For me, Yoga is a practice of polishing, and a practice of remembrance.  

Cultivating this remembrance through our practice serves us off the mat as an infusion of my yoga teachings and business experience. Read more to learn about my yoga journey...


My passion for yoga began in the late 90's, when my first teacher sparked a flame that continues to evolve and glow. Yoga weaves itself in and out of my life presenting itself to me in different forms, but always giving me exactly what I need at that time. From enhancing my business travels while immersed in my career in aerospace and industrial controls, to enabling a delicate balance while pursuing an intense MBA in Switzerland, to now igniting a passion that has unfolded in my journey as a yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga since 2009, and consider myself a lifelong student.

My yoga journey is perhaps not a typical one... The unlikely window of opportunity opened when faced with the economic crash of 2008. MBA fresh in hand, and little job prospects in sight I thought, why not go to India?

I was finally able to complete my yoga teacher training, which I started nearly 10 years prior, by studying one on one with Swami Dayanand. Swami taught me a more traditional yoga to complement my otherwise western practice, and I am certified 200 hours based on the Principles of the Bihar School of Yoga.

Since, I have continued my trainings with Restorative Yoga & Vinyasa Krama trainings with Mary Bruce, as well as Sequencing & Therapeutics with Ross Rayburn, Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini, Seat of the Teacher Immersion training with Suzanne Faith, and intensives with Nico Luce, Noah Maze, Simon Park and Tiffany Cruikshank. Along with many other notable teachers workshops, classes, and retreats in Europe and the US over the years.

I completed a 300YTT with Suzanne Faith, Andrea Boni, and Anatomy of Movement focusing on Non-Dualist Tantra and Anusara in September of 2019.



my values as a teacher

Life is far too serious.
When we step onto the mat, let us step into the realm of curiosity and wonder.
The realm of Play.
"Beginners Mind" to me is more like the art of cultivating your child mind.
Where judgment and competition simply do not exist, and there is an open sense of exploration and awe.

I am to empower my students. To awaken their inner guru, or teacher.
You alone know what is best for you each moment of each day.
The wisdom is there, it's simply a matter of attuning to it. 
When you begin to cultivate an awareness of the body, mind, and spirit through yoga practice, you begin to develop a deep intuitive understanding. You begin to awaken your inner healer, and hone into your desires.
I believe we are each here in this lifetime for a unique purpose. It is my sincere hope that our classes empower you to discover yours.

I feel like these go hand in hand. In order to open to vulnerability, you must feel safe.
My aim as a teacher is to hold a space of emotional and physical safety, so that you are able to explore your boundaries.



the best teachers are lifelong students


YTT 200: Swami Dayanand, based on the Principles of the Bihar School of Yoga | India, 2008

YTT 300: Suzanne Faith Yoga, Anusara | Spain, 2019

Seat of Teacher Training: Suzanne Faith Yoga, Anusara Bridge Program | Spain, 2018


4 Desires: Mary Bruce | Spain

Yoga Sequencing & Therapeutics: Ross Rayburn | Switzerland

Vinyasa Krama: Mary Bruce, Para Yoga | USA

Restorative Yoga: Mary Bruce, Para Yoga | USA

Core Strength Vinyasa | Sadie Nardini

I have had the privilege to practice in intensives with Nico Luce, Noah Maze, Simon Park and Tiffany Cruikshank.

Along with many other notable teachers workshops, classes, and retreats in Europe and the US over the years.


Over 20 years experience in yoga & wellness.

I have created and led yoga programs for exclusive resorts and high end fitness centers.

My journey in Fitness began in High School: teaching a variety of classes like Water Aerobics, kick boxing, step aerobics and salsa aerobics (pre Zumba!) at my local YMCA and while studying at University. 

This brought me to my my first yoga teacher, Jeff Martins, and his yoga teacher training, which I paused while studying abroad in Italy.

I continued to teach family and friends, including my classemates in our MBA, and after my 200 hour certification in India, I taught on and off in parallel, and as a balance, to my demanding career. 

My dedication to teaching increased in 2011 when I was expeting my first child, and has incrementally increased in the last decade as my path unfolds.


Bachelors of Science and Engeneering, Industrial Engineering | Arizona State University, 2003

Masters of Buisiness Administration, International Business and Leadership | IMD, Switzerland, 2008

Over a decade of progressive career development in the high-tech corporate multi-national world. Primarily working in Aerospace & Industrial Controls Automation. From Manufacturing and Quality to Program Management and Strategic Development and Implementation




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