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To retreat is defined as the act of withdrawing. When you commit to a Yoga Retreat, you are indeed withdrawing from many things. Your daily life: to-do lists, demands, responsibility. To retreat from this for a week, or even a long weekend, offers so much in return. 

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Hi there, I'm Alesha!  Hosting Retreats is one of my favorite things because I think of them like a Re-Treat. A Treat to yourself. When you sign up for a retreat it's a gift of expansive time, of spaciousness, of nourishment for your body, mind and most importantly, your soul.

I have been organizing and leading Yoga retreats for over a decade and it brings incredible joy for me. I see this as an opportunity to hold space for personal transformation. I've seen countless people create lasting shifts that ripple out into their lives. It's truly amazing to see the seeds that are planted in the course of a short window of time while on retreat.

We all have different motivations for indulging in a yoga retreat, and many have family obligations or limited time off of work. You will find a spectrum of retreat offerings that could be exactly what you are looking for: bring your kid(s) on Mommy & Me or Family Yoga, of join alone or with friends for one of the Adults only retreat, or check ou the private group retreats for more intimate settings with your crew.  Hope to see you soon!

Alesha Carmela

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