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Yoga + Sail + Certify Training: a Testimonial of Transformation

Updated: Mar 21

In the realm of personal and executive coaching, Cat McAlister is a trusted guide and mentor, dedicated to empowering others on their journey of transformation and growth.

Yoga Sailing Training Testimonial

Her journey with us on the Yoga Sailing Training was nothing short of remarkable, as she navigated the waters of Greece with grace and determination. Cat's testimonial not only highlights the transformative power of our retreat but also underscores the profound impact it had on her personal and professional life.

If you haven't already, take a moment to read our previous article, "Setting Sail into Self-Discovery: A Sailing Training in Greece," to discover how this immersive experience was inspired.

Keep reading to uncover Cat's journey of self-discovery and empowerment during our yoga-sailing certification immersion. Her Yoga Sailing Training Testimonial gives us an idea of what to expect when you dive into this unique immersion...

Yoga Sailing Training Testimonial

"Embarking on the yoga-sailing certification journey with Alesha and Dimitris was not just an education; it was a profound and beautiful experience. The divine scenery of Greece set the stage for what was to become a transformative chapter in my life.

Alesha, with her magical touch, brought a spiritual dimension to our packed agenda, harmonizing our minds and bodies through yoga, meditation, and breathwork. This spiritual grounding became the yin to the yang of sailing—a discipline where Dimitris' deep technical knowledge, practical coaching, and patience shone through. His ability to translate the complexities of sailing theory into memorable applications empowered us, transforming our nerves into confidence.

For me, this experience held a personal victory. Having faced a daunting scare in my youth while sailing with my dad, I approached this certification with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. However, the synergy of yogic-presence with the thrill of sailing not only helped me overcome past fears but also cultivated in me a solid proficiency at sea.

Yoga Sailing Training Testimonial

The luxury of Dimitris’ boat (like learning to drive in a Ferrari!), equipped with amenities like hot showers, added comfort to our learning adventure. And the unique bond formed with my fellow adventurers — such strong, inspirational beings — left me overflowing with gratitude.

Before this training, I was a nervous sailor, familiar with boats yet lacking in confidence. Now, with a license in hand and a newfound belief in my abilities, sailing has woven itself permanently into the fabric of my life. My dad's trust in my sailing skills is a testament to my growth, and marks a milestone I cherish deeply.

Yoga Sailing Training Testimonial

Reflecting on the magic of the hot springs and ruins that we visited, the spiritual vibe that Alesha infused into each moment, and the technical prowess that Dimitris exhibited, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This certification was not just a learning experience; it was a voyage of discovery, empowerment, and spiritual awakening, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Greece.

To anyone contemplating this journey, know that it is more than a certification. It's an invitation to lean deeper into your spiritual and growth journey, under the guidance of two extraordinary souls, Alesha and Dimitris. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, for this very special experience in my life.

I’m so happy for the epic future sailing adventures that await us all!"

*Cat McAlister, Transformational Coach, NGO Negotiator and Environmental Consultant

Are you called to learn to sail the seas? We currently have one spot remaining onboard the next Yoga + Sail + Certify training on April 20-27th sailing the Cycladic Islands of Greece.

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