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Cultivating Inner Harmony through Sistering: Dancing with Feminine and Masculine Energies

Updated: Apr 30

The concept of Sistering—a term I recently encountered through Mamma Gina's Instagram—resonated deeply with me. It's about holding space for one another without judgment or personal agenda, simply showing up as a supportive presence.

In a world where competition often overshadows collaboration, Sistering offers a refreshing approach—an invitation to connect, empathize, and reflect each other's true essence. AND it's about cultivating inner harmony through sistering.

Cultivating Inner Harmony through Sistering

Reflecting on why women sometimes view each other as adversaries, I pondered the roots of this behavior. Beyond the obvious answer of fear lies a deeper exploration into the dualities of feminine and masculine energies.

Traditional wisdom from non-dual tantric philosophy suggests that these energies are not opposing forces but complementary aspects of the same whole— both AND. Much like the container and water in a swimming pool. There are two aspects, the container of the pool which provides structure and form, and the water in the pool which provides fluid, creative play. BOTH elements are necessary- you can’t have a pool with only one or the other. Just like in the pool, with Masculine and Feminine energies each energy contributes uniquely, and it's the harmonious blend of both that enables our full potential.

Cultivating Inner Harmony through Sistering

Personally, I've come to realize my own bias towards action, a trait that served me well in academic and professional settings but took a toll on my well-being over time. I've also experienced moments when the emphasis on the feminine was excessive—too much receiving led to a sense of stagnation. Then, I understood it's not about choosing one over the other. Achieving balance isn't simply about equalizing feminine and masculine energies but consciously activating and embodying them in harmony.

I’ve realized that it’s not about creating an equal balance between the feminine and the masculine. It’s about HOW we activate these energies. Most of us default to action from the masculine, triggering reactions that flood our bodies with cortisol and adrenaline.

What if we took a different route? 

What if we invited the feminine to engage more deeply with life's challenges? There's always a moment to pause and reflect before taking action. What if in that pause, you take an opportunity to invite your inner feminine to receive the input of the circumstance?

Understanding this concept in theory is one thing, but practicing and embodying it can be quite challenging, especially given cultural expectations. I've found that the key lies in cultivating awareness and pausing before reacting—a basic yogic principle. It's also an opportunity to invite the feminine energy to guide our responses.

This could be as simple as a pause, a deep breath, and an internal inquiry. Consciously tap into that balanced essence where you hold both of these energies within you. Then, ask the feminine energy how to respond. Simply be open to receiving the answer. Most of the time, we intuitively have insights into the best way to engage in a situation. Unfortunately, when we act from the reactive masculine, we often bypass this internal wisdom.

This shift from reactive action to intuitive reflection allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and creativity before engaging.

It's a practice of trust—trusting our intuition and reconnecting with the feminine essence within ourselves.

Cultivating Inner Harmony through Sistering

Contemplation Exercise: Embracing Feminine Wisdom

Take a moment to reflect on a situation in your life where you reacted from a predominantly masculine energy, and in hindsight, you wish you had responded differently. Perhaps it was a moment of stress, conflict, or decision-making where you felt compelled to act quickly or assertively.

Now, place yourself back into that circumstance. Visualize the pivotal moment where you could have paused before reacting.

Imagine taking a deep breath, consciously connecting to the space within yourself where you hold both feminine and masculine energies in balance.

As you inhabit this paused moment, ask your inner feminine for guidance.

What response emerges when you tap into this intuitive space?

Trust the answer that arises—it might be a subtle feeling, an insight, or a fresh perspective on how the situation could have unfolded differently.

Now, with this newfound awareness, envision the scenario playing out according to this intuitive response.

How does it feel to recognize the incredible wisdom that resides within you—the wisdom that was accessible even in that challenging moment?

Reflect on this experience. Notice any shifts in perspective or insights gained.

Recognize that you possess a deep well of intuition and wisdom waiting to guide you through life's complexities. Embrace the practice of pausing, connecting with your feminine essence, and allowing this wisdom to shape your responses moving forward.

Cultivating Inner Harmony through Sistering

When we Sister—when we hold space for each other's true selves—we bridge the gap between these energies, fostering a sense of wholeness rather than balance. This journey towards embracing both our feminine and masculine aspects is transformative, enabling us to unlock our true potential.

As I continue to embody this understanding, I invite you to reflect on your own experiences with Sistering and integrating feminine wisdom into your daily life. Let's embrace wholeness together.

I'm eager to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below. Let's explore this journey of Sistering and the profound impact it can have on our lives.

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