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New Year, New Beginnings & New Musings

Greetings, Alesha here, welcoming you to another New Year filled with possibilities and self-discovery. This time around, I'm ushering in a shift – a contemplative exploration into the realm of intention- I call "Musings."

Amidst the holiday break, surrounded by dear friends and the mystical aura of the Sacred River Ganga, profound conversations about life's meaning unfolded under the starlit sky. These musings, reminiscent of my teenage pondering in endless desert nights in Arizona, have always stirred my soul.

Yet, a newfound clarity has emerged since those impressionable teenage years. What once left me questioning, I now realize lies within reach. It's a culmination of experiences over the years, a journey that began with a desire for a sweaty vinyasa flow but evolved into a deep dive into self-discovery.

My yoga practice, initially a means to stay fit, transformed into a doorway to inner peace. I can still remember the first meditation session where I was able to "tap in" - I experienced a profound sense of being – a peace and spaciousness that ignited a yearning for more.

As I delved deeper, my YTT300 with Suzanne Faith and Andrea Boni cracked open another door, this time to Kundalini energy. The intense heat, the electrifying sensations – I tapped into universal energy, Shakti, connecting with divinity and true essence. What initially seemed disconcerting became a beautiful dance with the divine.

These moments of connection, marked by pulsations and vibrations, signaled tapping into my essence and oneness. Grounded by wise mentors, I integrated these experiences into daily life, paving the way for further exploration with breathwork and ancestral medicine.

Now, as I reflect on the puzzle of life, the edges are clearer, the images taking shape. It's about showing up, shifting the pieces until they fit – a continuous game with each piece contributing to the clarity of the whole.

The images of my puzzle, I've realized, revolves around showing up for myself, my family, and my community. Hence, the inception of this blog, or rather, "Musings" – a collection of insights, tips, and philosophical ponderings about life, yoga, and well-being.

I invite you to join me in this journey of contemplation. Share your thoughts, comment, PM, VM – connect in any way that resonates. Let's weave our perspectives into the tapestry of understanding.

Wishing you abundant love and joy as we traverse this new year.

Yours on the path,


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